Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Valentines

Saturday was a very busy day. We went to fellowship meeting in Diamond during the day. Afterwards, we tried to look for bargains for the farm house. (Not much luck) Then, we met my family minus David and Rachel at Ryan's. We had a nice time and even had friends that joined us. Thanks Dad! It was very late when we got home and the boys were asleep. So, the boys received their gifts on Sunday. I made them Mickey and Heart pancakes. Pancakes are one of their favorite breakfast foods.

Our Farm

We know this looks like a lot of work! We've already done a lot to the outside. The place was all grown up. So we've tried to clean out the fences etc. We are very excited about the place. Even Snuggles, our boxer puppy loves it! This house doesn't need as much remodeling as our first house did. I told Jon I never wanted to remodel again, but here we are again! But, it's not as bad as it looks. Notice, I did not post any pictures of the inside. Maybe one of these days, but not right now! Atleast the floors, walls and ceilings are intact in this house and the roof is on!
Closer view from the east

The view from the road - east side

Back side

West side

Looking from the west side

My apple tree

Our hand well

My building

My Garage
Jon's shed

The quanset and chicken house

When ya gotta go

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Meghan!

Meghan with her favorite blankie

We wish you a very happy birthday! We love you and hope you have a wonderful four months in Ireland. You have brought much happiness and many memories to our family. You will always be my little girl! Take care. (I had another picture, but it didn't scan very well;(

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ewing Christmas Party

Aaron and Kristi Ewing and their twin boys, Lane and Landon invited us to a Christmas Party at their house. Kristi is the owner of Heaven's Angels, a consignment shop in town, and Aaron works for Southern Star Gas. All employees of these companies, family and close friends were invited. We had a great time. They each received Santa camo hats with their name on them, stockings and gifts from Santa. Lots of fun - hayrides, baby goats and lots of food. Lane and Landon are in Dalton's 2nd grade class. Kristi and I have been hosting their class parties. Aaron's brother, Adam was one of Jon's groomsmen. So, Jon enjoyed relaxing and chatting with an oldtime friend. Thanks Aaron and Kristi for a great evening!

Dathan and Lightening, the RAT catcher. We don't just have scrawny little mice, we have huge rats. Lightening was a blessing dropped off by my brother-n-law, Donald. He knew we needed a barn cat, but we were not informed - Until, the boys found a cat in their live traps! They were excited they caught something. Jon was telling his mother about the catch when mom started laughing. The secret was out. The cat was unhurt and she is a great rat catcher. I've seen some of her catch. Gross!

Dalton loves Papa Charlie's tractor.

Jon and David looking at the treasure. David came up with my parents to look at the farm. David killed the first rat in the barn! Good going!

My daddy bringing up his Farmall.

The boys just found out that we bought the farm. They were excited! There is sooo much to do - mowing, tearing down fences, cleaning up, building fences and sooo much more that does not include the 'ol farm house. (Excuse the order of the pics)